Stranraer Scaffolding are a leading supplier of Traditional Tube and Fitting Scaffolds and Temporary Roofs to the Glasgow, Edinburgh, Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and Dumfries and Galloway regions.


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AML Scaffolding and Temporary Roofing (Glasgow)


Are a traditional Tube and Fitting scaffold company with depots in Glasgow, London, and Stranraer.


Our CISRS Registered Scaffolders provide a quality Scaffold Erection, Scaffolding Hire, Scaffold Sales and Scaffolding Contractor service to the Cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and London, as well as towns located in Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, Dumfries and Galloway, Dumbartonshire, and Stirlingshire.


We have been providing a fully tube and fitting Scaffold Erection and Scaffolding Hire service for over 20 years with all of our Scaffolders being CISRS Registered and CSCS Health and Safety Trained, with our combined experience spanning over 150 years.


Our professional Scaffolding services are covered by public liability insurance to the amount of £5m for your peace of mind.


Our prices are very competitive, and our standard of finish is second to none.


We are a Scaffolding Temporary Roof specialist who can deliver any size of Temporary Roof option at a fraction of the price of a composite crane dependant roofing alternative.


Our bespoke Scaffold Roof build techniques will allow your project to continue without the need to worry about the weather, or having to hire a crane to get your Temporary Roof in place.


Our tried and tested Tube and Fitting roof alternative is particularly ideal for GRP Roofing Contractors, Loft conversion companies, and complete new roof projects large, and small, and as our construction methods eliminate the need for any Crane lifts, we are ideally placed to save you countless thousands of pounds, and programme time.

Temporary Roof Scaffolds


We are one of only a few Scaffolding contractors in Scotland that provide a Temporary Roof Scaffold also known as a Tin Lid or Tin Hat.


The benefits of this type of structure are evident in the overall reduction in your project duration, and the reduction in productivity downtime due to the prevailing weather conditions.


Our Temporary Roof Scaffolds allow the existing roof of the building to be exposed or removed entirely from within the safety of our structure safe in the knowledge that no rain outside of our structure will damage the existing fabric or contents of your building.


We have provided in excess of 130 of these structures over the last 5 years to areas across London, Kent, Essex, and laterly in Stranraer, Portpatrick, and Glasgow.


Our prices are very reasonable in comparison to other composite system providers, whilst our all Tube and Fitting construction provides structural rigidity that far and away exceeds the limitations of our competitors mostly crane dependant system installation alternatives.


Have a look at our short video below which will give you an idea of what is possible with our Temporary Roof techniques.


All of the steel structure which you will see in the video was erected from within our enclosed Temporary Roof structure.


Imagine for a moment how much project and crane time a structure like this could save you!

Tube and Fitting Scaffolding Specialists


We are a traditional Tube and Fitting Scaffolding company serving the whole of the UK.


We provide Scaffolds for any purpose including: Chimney and Saddled Scaffolds, Roofing Scaffolds, Bridges and Cantilever Scaffolds, Temporary Roofs Scaffolds, Independents Access Scaffolds, Tower Scaffolds, Birdcage Scaffolds, and Scaffold Stages.


Our depots are situated in Glasgow, Battersea, as well as Stranraer in the South West of Scotland.


Our locations allows us to service all areas of Glasgow, Ayrshire, Edinburgh, Central London, Essex, Kent, and Dumfries and Galloway.


Our Scaffolders are CITB, CISRS, and CSCS trained with over 150 years combined experience in all sectors of our industry including the Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, and Oil and Gas markets.


Whether you require a simple Tower for Chimney works, or a fully Independent Access Scaffold for a New Build project, we can deliver this service to you economically, safely, and on time.




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